Somewhere over the rainbow
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2001-12-16 13:59:19 (UTC)

Sucky Night at Old Town

Man i can't explain how much Old Town sucked last night. It
was the worst ever! Taurin has been confusing me and shit
with his little more than a friend less than a girlfriend
shit so i was like whatever blah blah. So we went to Old
Town so they could play music and earn money. So we were
like whatever. So they played and taurin was being the
BIGGEST fag ever. So i was like "what the fuck is your
problem! You always have to act like a fag...UGH" I hate
him so much right now! he gets on my nerves! I hope he
feels bad about it too! It's not like he's gonna call me OR
even talk to me to apologize. I'm so pissed at him. Man
he's suppose to be MY best friend and i'm his "best friend"
or so he says but whatever. I'm not gonna put up with his
shit when he's a fag. I'm just not gonna even bother with
it. It's so damn annoying now. I'm just gonna be like WHAT
THE FUCK! you know?! Oh well whatever. And then all this
shit is confusing me. The whole damn him cheating on me but
that's just Laurel lying to me. But then he says that all
this other stuff happened. Then he says You are more than a
friend but less than a girlfriend. What the hell does that
mean!? whatever that's gay. I don't even understand what
the hell that means?! it can't mean much cause he treats me
horrible expecially when he's playing music. I might as
well not even bother with him anymore. He's wasting my
time. Ugh i'm so stupid for even bothering. Well if he
doesn't call me or talk to me today then forget it. Well i
gotta go to church BLAH layta

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