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2001-04-05 22:28:14 (UTC)

April measure

hi all it's thursday .. ys i went to the gym and took my
first measure.. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not much in
results but something is better than nothing and since this
is low impact i am just going to have to be patient i
think .. although as i mentioned i am eating what i want
including fast foods.. ummm this has to be changed.. so my
first priority this month is 8 glasses of water daily but
now my second .. is NO FAST FOODS NO TV DINNERS they
are done.. so we will see.. hre is my first measure..
whoa.. ready for this .. shhhhhhhheeesh

in my weight i gained 6 lbs.. (they say it's musle????) I
say it's (FAST FOOD) muscle too though but doubt 6 pounds

my arms went Up a 1/2 "
my waiste went Up 1 1/2 "
my abdomen went Down 1/4 "
my hips went Down 1/4 "
my thighs went Down 1/4"
my bust went Up 2 1/2"
my body fat % went up 2"

although one thing to keep in mind is two different people
measured me .. and so .. i think the first measured a
little tighter than the second.. anyway for consistancy
sake i am staying with the gal that measured me today...

now we will see what happens with the water add and the cut
of fast foods.. i was discouraged AT FIRST .. BUT NOW .. i
think i can live with the abdomen hips and thighs as
downers for encouragement .. i am going to acknowledge
that success.. and i have been told it takes awhile to
start and today was only my 23rd day so we'll see.. in the
very near future.. like maybe jun 1st .. i am planning to
join weight watchers.. we'll see.. chugalug for now.. my
water's awaiting me :)

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