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2001-12-16 13:45:45 (UTC)

Green eyes...

It was another boring night.
Sam sat alone, moodily stirring a watered down drink.
It always happens! She comes with a group of friends and
they ditch her. The only good part was she spent the better
of the night able to look at women without her friends
asking her dumb questions. She kept coming back to this one
woman over at the other end of the bar.
Sam thought about her friends again and angrily stabbed out
her cigarette and went to use the restroom.
Coming out, was the woman she'd be sneaking glances at all night!
Easily one of the most beautiful women Sam had seen,
almost bumped into her. Green eyes full of humor and warmth
looked back at her. "Ooops! Sorry about that" she said as
she disappeared back into the dingy bar. Sam almost walked
into the door, but somehow managed to get though it without
opening it with her face.
Making her way back to her table, Sam was looking around
the bar. She didn't see her. Sam felt worse now. Then!
There! By the corner! Green Eyes! Sam just sits and looks
at her awhile. Gorgeous chestnut hair came to the middle of
her back. A short, plump, but nice, figure filled out
jeans, a tee shirt and a small simple but classy sweater
very nicely. Sam couldn't tell, but she thought she heard a
laugh coming from Green Eyes. "Wow..." Sam mused, lost in
her thoughts. Before she had a chance to finish them, one
of her friends was tapping her on the shoulder.
Sam peered over her shoulder at a very drunk Ami. Ami was
obviously here to bug out. Sam didn't really care at the
"Sam! There you are," Ami slurred. "..." she looked to
man standing next to her and he offered his name "I'm
Mike". "Yes!" Ami almost yelled "Mike! I'm taking him
OK?" Sam just nodded. "OK, Aim. I'll see you tomorrow
then." She gave an indifferent, but polite nod to Mike as
they left.
Ami and Mike weren't gone 5 minutes before realization hit
her. FUCK! She came with Ami!
Sam flopped her head into her hands and felt like crying.
Great. Just great. Sam looked around. She didn't see a
single familiar (OK... Green Eyes didn't count) face. All
of her friends had left.
About 2 hours past and Sam was still sitting at her table,
working on a plan. She'd actually spent about 10 minutes
thinking... otherwise she was watching Green Eyes. She
noticed that she's kinda shy, but obviously with people she
knows and trusts. Sam went to get another smoke and saw her
pack was empty. Dammit. It was blocks to the nearest gas
station and it was probably 20 degrees below freezing
outside and she was Not going to pay $4 a pack at the bar.
Sam just crumpled the pack and tossed it lightly back on
the table and stared at the ceiling.
"Need a cigarette?" Sam jumped at the sudden voice behind
her. She craned around and looked square into Green Eye's
pretty face.
Sam laughed softly, "Yeah, actually, I do." She gratefully
took one of the cigarettes Green Eyes had shook out of her
pack (I didn't even notice she was smoking! Sam
mused). "Thank you" Sam said appreciatively as she exhaled.
To her surprise, Green Eyes took a seat across from her.
"So, where did everyone go..." she raised an eyebrow,
indicating she was asking for a name.
"Sam" Sam offered.
"Ah..." Green Eyes smiled, "Where did everyone go, Sam?"
she had lit her own cigarette and was busy tapping an ash
Sam cleared her throat "I'm not sure." Another soft
laugh. "They all just left... which really irks me at the
moment because one of them was my ride." Sam absently
stubbed out her half smoked cigarette trying not to stare.
"Oh" Green Eyes face turned into one of concern and Sam was
pretty sure some anger "That's not nice at all." Green Eyes
was shaking her head, some disbelief on her features as
"Yeah... that's my friends." A short angry laugh came out
of Sam before she could stop it. She looked up at Green
Eyes and said "I should be used to it, but it still makes
me alittle upset."
Green Eyes nodded "Some friends... Hey, do you need a ride,
Sam just kinda sat there. OhmygodOhmygod! Was all she could
Green Eyes took her silence wrong "OH! I can't believe I
forgot!" She held her hand out "I'm Abby." She smiled.
Sam reached over and took her hand. It was soft, warm and
Sam had a hard time letting it go.
"Hi Abby." Sam smiled back, finally releasing her hand. "If
you don't mind, I do need a ride."
"OK!" Abby jumped up and made her back to her table of
friends. They all looked in Sam's direction and she had to
stifle a strong urge to wave.
Abby grabbed her coat, scarf and a hat off of a rack and
got herself situated. "Ready?"
Abby's car was an old Dodge Dart. Sam almost drooled. "Wow!
Nice car, Abby!" Sam opened the door, feeling giddy she'd
get to ride in it.
Abby smiled "Thank you. It took me awhile to get it this
nice." Abby laughed when Sam looked over shocked. "Yes, I
work on cars."
Small talk and the occasional directions from Sam kept them
in a good conversational rhythm. Sam was kinda sad to see
her house and had the belated "take the long way home"
thought as Abby was pulling up to her house.
"Well, I really appreciate the ride, Abby. Thanks." Sam
said, gathering her various things.
"You're welcome," Abby said with a genuine smile. "Oh!
Wait. Here." Abby dug around in a pocket and handed Sam a
card. Sam looked it and looked at Abby.
"You know, if you ever decide to get some new friends" Abby
Sam laughed. "Oh. OK. Thanks again" and she got out. She
felt like running to the door, but she somehow managed to
walk. She unlocked it and saw Abby was still waiting, so
she turned and waved. Abby waved back and drove off.
Sam was exhausted and flopped right into bed pausing only to
strip of her clothes and crawl into bed.
She was dreaming in no time...
~~~Sam was at the bar again, only this time she was there
with Abby. They talked some and next thing Sam knew they
were in her house.
Abby was in the living room, on the sofa and Sam was in her
room changing. Sam saw she was completely nude. She grabbed
her nightgown and just slipped it over her head and was
back out with Abby on the sofa.
Abby was looking at her. Her eyes were taking all of Sam
in, roaming up and down. Abby looked at Sam and leaned in
for a kiss. Sam reached out and took Abby's face in her
hands and gently kissed her lips. "Mmmmm..." they both
purred almost in unison. Sam kissed her again, deeper this
time. She could feel Abbys warm tongue against her lips and
let her own tongue dance with Abby's. She heard Abby moan
softly and felt her scootch closer on the sofa, her leg
draped over Sam's. Sam could feel her warm breath on her
neck and face as Abby's hands roamed her body alittle bit,
lingering a bit at the rounder spots. Sam moaned softly
into Abby's ear, whisper her devotion and emotions. Abby
trailed a finger down her middle, stopping just below Sam's
navel. Sam scootched alittle, urging Abby on. With some
willpower, Abby stood up and helped Sam to her feet. "Not
on the sofa..." was all Abby could manage. They embraced
and eventually made it to Sam's room. Abby stood before Sam
feeling alittle over dressed and started for her pants. Sam
put her hand over Abby's and did the honors herself. She
slowly pulled her pants down over her hips and thighs,
letting her hands linger on her warm flesh. Once they were
in a puddle of cotton around her feet, Abby just kicked
them off. Abby raised her arms and Sam whipped her shirt
off, tossing that haphazardly into the same corner with the
pants. Sam inched closer to Abby until their breasts were
touching, and eased her down onto her bed. Lowering herself
into a straddle over Abby, she ran her hands over Abby's
remaining bra. Abby's eyes were half closed and she arched
her back slightly against the feel of Sam's hands on her
ample breasts.. Sam managed to unfasten the bra and that
joined the other garments on the growing pile on the floor.
Abby was left in her panties. Slowly, Sam crawled down her
front, hooking her panties with a thumb and walking them
down and off her and having them join the pile. Returning
to where she was, she cupped a breast and leaned down and
kissed Abby again. Abby noticed Sam was still in her
nightgown... quickly, Sam's nightgown was over her head and
on the floor with Abby's warm eager hands roaming Sam's
naked body. Sam moaned softly and placed one erect nipple
in her mouth. Abby writhed slightly under Sam, moaning. Sam
could feel herself grinding into Abby below her, driving
her excitement up. Abby, rather suddenly, jumped up alittle
and flopped, trading places with Sam. Sam, now on the
bottom, let her hands dip down Abby's front. Abby groaned,
throwing her head back slightly as she felt Sam slip into
her. Abby kissed Sam, hinting for her to stop. Kissing her
neck, then her breast, then her stomach; Abby worked down
to Sam's thighs. Lightly kissing her inner thigh, Abby's
hand was massaging Sam's ass slightly as her kisses got
closer to Sam's wet pussy. Sam writhed and moaned, urging
Abby on. Abby slowly spread Sam open and agonizingly slow
she slipped her tongue into her. She could feel and taste
Sam's excitement as she continued to make love to her with
her tongue and hands. Dipping in and out, slowly bringing
it up to Sam's erect clit and back again. Going alittle
faster, Abby could feel Sam about to orgasm. Sam clutched
onto Abby as her orgasm came through her. Gasping and
moaning "Abby", Sam came again. Sam grabbed for Abby and
just held her to her for awhile. She could feel Abby moving
agasint her and looked down. Abby was laying next to her,
looking at her, and slowly rubbing her own clit. Sam made a
move, but Abby shook her head and just laid back, spreading
herself wide. Sam watched as Abby slowly worked herself.
Stinking her finger into herself alittle, brining it back
out and making little circles over her clit. Abby moaned,
loudly, her hips moving alittle, as she worked at herself.
Sam watched, enraptured, as Abby brought herself to orgasm
right in front of her. Sam leaned over and touched Abby,
softly. Abby opened her eyes and smiled, bringing Sam to
Sam woke up with a start.
"WOW" Sam mused. She looked over and saw the piece of paper
Abby gave her. "I should call her today..." she trailed off
in thought as she went about her morning business.

*To be continued...*