Not what you think.
2001-12-16 13:16:59 (UTC)

I have my plan, that s for..

I have my plan, that's for sure. but I'm too impatient, and
it makes me all stressed out, even though i know i can do
it-- once i'll finish this course, i'll get a job. i'll
work harder at school and improve my chances on
scholarship. i'll get a job so i could add a bit to the
savings account i have, so i might be able to actually pay
for all that (not a chance!).
and then, after highschool, i'll drop the military
service-- they give up girls far easily than they do with
boys. i was born a premature baby, and i spent my first
year at the hostpital, hooked up on oxygen, and up till now
i have probs with my lungs. not something too seriou (i
came out swell), and my eyes are also not in the best
shape, but i think that the best excuse would be to tell
them i'm a pacifist (even though i'm not).
then, when i'll have lots of free time, i'll get 4 jobs so
i could make more money to pay for uni.
and once i'll get accepted, i'll move there, across the
broad ocean, to that strange and distant land.
i'll work there too, coz my family isn't that rich. and
after 5 yrs, i'll apply for a green card, after asking the
advice of my american relatives and of all my friends who
had already made the "big jump".
i'm one among thousands of young ppl from this place. we
can't see our future here. it's moving too fast for us too
see. even if we're not directly hurt, we are still
affected. and it's tough, it truly is.
but i'm gonna get out here. i'm gonna make it...
just 3 yrs to wait....