My little wierd sad life
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2001-12-16 11:46:09 (UTC)

Day 1 December 16 2001

Where to start.....I was born I grew up blah blah
whatever. I think i should start on September 11 2001. It
pretty much caped off the worst year of my life. Funny I
was from New York and the Only tourist attraction I was in
was the World trade center before i moved out here to Los
Angeles. Ironic don't you think? Well I don't know about
you But I want that SmallCox,Camel Humping Bastard Osama
Bin Laden Dead for what he did to my country. Well moving
right along, for all of you graduating from high school I
have one free advice to give you: GO TO COLLEGE!you'll
thank me later. Do you ever role play? If you don't I
highly recomend it.I wish I was with my soul mate. well I'm
getting sleepy so concludes my first journal. I hope i was
educational. good night.

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