Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-12-16 11:42:28 (UTC)


Its done dont know why I care though jammed full
schedule next month. Why just for conversation I guess they
say theyll give me the world here, Dont understand really
though the whole world right here strange just the words I
guess they dont know either.Have another drink my friend
there must be fifty ways to leave your lover.
Shell care no matter what though its not easy logily.
low clouds cover it all, fog I guess, theres a prision
behind my house sodiums glowing orange, creepy view,
telephone poles standing like tomb stones. Write her name
on mist covered glass so itll be here to haunt me in the
next rain.
Id cry for her I know any other of my gender would but then
again to them Itd be a pistol to there head to watch her
walk away, dam she is a pistol, I gotta pull this trigger
ause shell never take that walk. fuking C aint working out
tonight well i guess its right I aint been working out as
of late so whos to talk. phones ringing this late.
need the solitute yet five minitues gone by and Im skin
starved. Coffie might serve as a counter weight to this
drink but dont think itd help the mental state oh but
those sweater covered hands might serve some other
venue wow that was, well thats how its been huh her
creeping in disrupting the cheese cake she is a goddess.
weve changed visions now to one that moves on me like a
friend from a pervious life her seeming outta place here
cany say why though but mabe its her I need guess I knew
that already but the samauri in me draws me not to choose
this fate.
One more billie holiday and a smoke, audry hetburn is
waiting for me in the other room so to this one whos heart
is shure to break apon the morrow my condolences I ame here
to be a shmuk,small town factory worker pay me no mind
kinda charactor Ive had you in previous lives and if we
wernt here now Id have torn you from that black fred segal
and those little pardas and wed have walked this town as
the couple to be adored.fuk I really hope not to see those
pradas on your cute little feet cause then Ill know regret
once again. Fuk is that the pettyest thing youve every heard
fuck it Ive come to terms with my metralism but I know here
in this place ill never know a closest so well adorned.
since I changed thoughts to you moments ago let me change
back again.You seem to stand above it which makes me sick
cause my own fear, youd never have that closet yet your
style is more then hers, here yet above this place some
how its the man that makes the clothes they say and with you
darling its true cause you astound me always, tired morings
hair left alone in one of those zip sweat shirts I hate
yet still more beatiful then any one Id walk with that
morning even teresea with the antropoligy class who I know
they love. you are the essence of beauty here and the
way it weights on me too much if you needed me to leave
this image the things Id never give up for her I do it in a
heart beat and we could walk this place adored.
You know whats really strange it is the minds eye I guess
cause to speak the truth all the times Ive gazed apon you
the other moring you crept to me over a moring cup of java
and I dont even have a mental piture of you to recalect
you hair I know and that smile one of those that loses me
into that everything will be alright we all long for in
love,I could etch you perfect I think but really itd just
be that hair and that smile and those hands all so perfect
everything else would be some blur of beautiful colors
representing love and lust and all things I long for,
for I know not the color of your eyes, ears peirced
mabe dont really know? dont really care none of it seems to
matter really cause I know itll be perfect either way.