vision incision
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2001-12-16 11:22:55 (UTC)

[ fuq this ]

Heartless bitch. She signed on and didn't even say sorry
for ditching me earlier. I can't believe I let her get
under my skin like this. I talked to this really cool chick
named Bekkah. She listened to me pour my feelings out.
Something I haven't done to anyone..and I barely met this
chick! She was completely understanding and said some
crucial things that made me a bit happy. So I finally got
my former roomie's numbers. I need to call them and see
what's going down. I miss them like WHOA. They were my
lifelines up at the dorm. My main lifeline was Michelle,
but they were there for me when it got rough with her. I
feel so good about going to get things done in my life now.
I need to register for school this week. Get that out of
the way and focus on a job. I'm calling up old friends and
finding out what they're up to. Something I never thought
I'd do. Like Julia. I need to hang with her. She's so funny
and she'll get my mind off of things. Even if it is with a
blunt. LOL. I got some pretty neat quotes in my AOL
profile. If you got AOL you should check them out. I didn't
specify which band, but if you know, good for you! You
rOcK. My screen name is the title of this diary. Just
incase you wanted to know. I don't want any freaky IMs
either. Damn, I need to go to bed now. It's 4:20 am.. LOL!


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