Polikjum Thingy
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2001-12-16 11:01:05 (UTC)


Well today was fun...I actually did stuff. heehee.
The adoption group I got one of my dogs from had like
this... I dunno, yard sale? thing as like a fund raiser and
stuff. So my mommy drove me down to Philly and bought me
stuff. Yay! I felt all special and stuff. OH OH OH! I
wanted this awesome statue, but it was *really really*
expensive so I couldn't get it. ::cries::
And then, I went to see my aunt and family and stuff.
Awww... I miss them. Imma see them at Christmas but it was
nice to see 'em anyways. Damn kids are growing. ::mumbles::
I didn't say they could... I feel like and old bitch when I
see them kids anymore. Jake (the youngest) is like 9 now
(and he's like almost as tall as me)! EGAD!
Anyways... I haven't seen ANYONE in days... Mon, Chris...
No body. ::sobs uncontrolably:: Are they avoiding me? I
think so... they know when I'm on and made a pact not to
sign on. ::looks around all nervous like:: Yeah, that's it.
Hah, nah I know they have lifes. YEW BASTARDS!! ;o)
I got more phone calls today... but I hungup! ::does the go
me dance:: I'm not gonna be a weenie. (Hah... weenie...)
Now I'm just sitting around moping. Dammit. I'm basically
bored and whining about it.
Ugh. Imma go now.
::waves incase there's anyone even reading this::