Date With Destiny
2001-12-16 10:52:17 (UTC)

Personal Life Coach Letter #15 – From Dr. Shad Helmstetter ; Positive Thoughts

Dear Eugene,

Speaking of being positive, people who don’t know me often
ask me if I’m always positive, or if I always think
positively or keep my attitude up. The answer is that I do
always try to keep my mind in the most positive
frame possible. But there’s a surprisingly important
reason for having a positive attitude. A life-changing
reason. And it could affect how you think every single

First, answer these 6 questions about how positive you are:

1. From 1 to 10, how positive are you the majority of the
time, especially around others? (1 is negative – 10 is very

2. How positive are you most of the time when you are by

3. Who or what usually determines how positive you are?

4. How many times a day do you consciously think about
your attitude?

5. When your attitude is down, how often do you stop and
consciously make the choice to improve it? Never?
Occasionally? Always?

6. When do you feel best – when your attitude is up, or
when your attitude is down?

If I could have only studied and taught one idea for the
past 25 years that I’ve worked in my field, that one idea
would have been about the incredible importance of your

Here’s why: It’s neurological. It’s chemical! When you
think a positive thought, (or get “fired up”), you
literally switch “on” thousands of chemical switches in the
brain. In turn, those switches determine what
you do next, how you think, what you think, how you feel,
and even how healthy you are!

A single thought triggers chemical switches in your brain
that are so powerful, they literally determine and affect
everything about you.

Those positive chemical switches set you in the right
direction, put you
in motion, and give you the energy to get there!

Now, imagine the opposite. Every single negative thought
you think flips thousands of other chemical switches in
your brain – the negative kind of chemical switches – that
pull you down, make you angry, tire you out, fill your mind
with imaginary limitations, destroy your health, and aim
you toward failure. (Unfortunately, most people are not
even aware of this.)

Remember, that’s actual. It’s real. It’s chemical. It’s
medical fact.

Why would we every want to allow negative ideas, thoughts,
and attitudes control even a moment of our day? We do it
because it’s a habit. But it’s the most dangerous habit we
can ever have. Allowing negative attitudes to live in our
minds, is the one bad habit that creates all other bad

So when people ask me if I try to think positive all of the
time, I tell them yes. Why would we ever let our own
thoughts destroy the moment, lose the day, or steal the
success of the positive future we work so hard to create?

In Part II of this letter I have some ideas for you on how
to change a negative attitude into a positive attitude in
under 60 seconds.

For now, Eugene, just be aware that when we thought our
thoughts meant little or did nothing, we were wrong. Our
thoughts are everything. They are the creators of the life
we are building. Every one of your thoughts is your
responsibility, and no one else’s. So it’s up to you.
Command them. control them. If you want an attitude and a
life that works – when it comes to your thoughts, demand
only the best.

If that’s what you do, that’s what you’ll get.

I believe in you!


Part 2 – Ideas and Motivation you can use

Here are some of the best techniques I’ve ever found for
changing an attitude fast:

1. Immediately put the most positive thought in your mind,
and give it energy – think it big! I have thoughts
standing by, great thoughts, words, pictures, that
immediately make me feel positive and boost my mood.
Make a list of four or five things that always do it for
you. Keep the list in your pocket. Read the list every
time a down thought or a bad attitude tries to break its
way in.

2. Smile!! If your attitude is going negative, no matter
how you’re feeling or what you’re doing, smile! A bright,
big, happy smile! Your brain is suddenly being told you’re
in a good mood, and it will immediately flip chemical
switches and dump super endorphins into your system.
You’ll feel better almost instantly. (Try that the next
time you ’re getting a speeding ticket.)

3. When your attitude is down, or the negatroids start to
win, stop for 60 seconds and say an instant silent prayer
of thanks – for all of the good things in your life! It’s
hard to feel down when you’re feeling thankful. Reminding
yourself of your countless blessings will also tell
you to get your act together and stop feeling sorry for
yourself. Life is good. Lighten up. Look for the best
and find it!

When you do that you’ll change your attitude, you’ll feel
better, you’ll think differently, things will work better,
you’ll have a better day, other people will like you
more . . . and you’ll like yourself a whole lot better,

I hope you’ll try those ideas the next chance you get. And
let me know your results. I know they work. I’m positive
they do.