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2001-04-05 22:18:57 (UTC)

Reliabilities Down the Drain..

Reliabilities Down the Drain

Hey, Karai here... Just kind of wondering what my supposed "Best Friend" is doing right now. Yes, world, she's abandoned me again. I couldn't even open my mouth, this time. Just enough to say, "oh, ok.. I guess.. Yea, I understand." And then to finish, "...not like anything's wrong with me."

Oh, but of COURSE eating, brushing her teeth, and everything else comes before me. I've only known her for.. what? 4 years? Nahh.. little Bri's not important anymore. Nope. Why not leave her alone when she needs me most? No, I can't even stop to talk to her for ONE MINUTE of my busy, busy, Freshman life. That is more-then-likely the surmised attitude of my "best friend" Valerie. Oh-so-busy, Valerie.

I went home early today, after.. I don't know, something with nerves, probably, that had me in the hospital for three days last week.

Which, of course may I add, Val didn't even wait 20 minutes for me to get home- NOT EVEN! her excuse? "Oh, well, blaine invited me over! She NEVER does that! What was I supposed to do? Say NO?"

Diary, she couldn't even call me to tell me she wouldn't be home. Instead, I had to track her down, so I could tell her I was OK and home...

Oh, and that I had missed her horribly, had a terrible time in the hospital, and just generally needed someone, namely HER, to hug me, and tell me it wasn't a big deal.

I don't know, she's just got a lot of nerve.