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2001-12-16 09:29:57 (UTC)

My Rollercoaster Life

Ooh, now my life is spinning, someone place stop it!!
Oki, let me begin with telling what happend yesterday, I
was at my job, working and chatting at irc. S* came, but
diddnt come to talk to me, I was pissed. Then right before
I went crazy I came to talk to him instead, he said a few
lines and went way. I hate that and was thinking with my
self, u gotta stop this game girl, NOW!
But he came back in and continued our conversation, I said
lets have a summery of this year. So then I started to ask
questions like how many girls have you kissed for real this
year, how many times have you falled in love, best memory
and stuff like that. For a while he was with me, but he
wanted to know my answers to this questions to, that was
hard, but fair. I answerd them as honestly as I could, he
could pick up quite a few hints there I think. But then he
got sisck of my questions and wanted to sleep for a while.
This was the last day out of country, hes comming home
today. He was about to leave, but then he had one question
for he that he had made up self. That was verry personal
and hard to answer and the he left....

It was our best conversation on mounths, I was glad he came
back. Now he`s on his boat home, its his birtheday and when
he get home he will get a present that I put in his mail
box this morning.
I`ve been thinking about giving him something for a long
time, but I diddnt know what. So I`ve been asking everyone
what would you like to get from a verry good friend of
yours? But noe one knows. So I brought him a cd, its only
three songs on it, guess what?
Match Box Twenty -If Youre Gone.....
It was relly hard to get it, I was working and had only one
hour to by something, I was thinking about this cd but
couldnt find it anywhere, I panicked, what should I get him?
Mom, Karoline and Grace came in to town, we went to the
cinnema, Harry Potter and wassnt home before midnight then
I had to in pack his present, write on his birthday card
and make everything perfect. This morning I went out extra
early, my mother drives me til he bus stop right there he
lives. She diddt knew what I should do there, or that this
was a half hour early for my bus. She always drives me to
this bus stop and dont know when the bus is coming cuse I
take care of beeing there in the right time.
So I went down til his house and put the present (I must
say it was butiful) in the mail box for his famely. It
feelt good, maybe he`ll call me, but I hope not.
I have to manny things to do and problems to solve, but I
wanted him to get a suprise at his birthday as I did at
mine, and we`ll talk afther Christmas.

You would think this was all that happend yesterday wouldnt
you, well in my life there`s one rule, most of the time
nothing is happneing but when it change and ting start to
happend you can be sure its a million things at the same

His name is Chris, if that means anything to you.
Afther all the stores had closed I went back to my job so I
could go to the internet. I was chatting and writing mails
when he came to irc and started our own conversation. He
was going out to get drunk today, and I said that was my
plans for next weekend. Then he started to ask a lot of
questions about that, where I sould sleep and why. I told
him that I hated men for the moment and would drink to get
over it and he asked why and do you hate me?
No!! You know boys and girls together, how can we make
babys if I hate you? He figurd I was right but I suggested
that I could always drink to much then also. Then he
started to laugh.
I think he wanted to see me next weekend then, it sounded
like that, and that sure would be fun. But I cant sleep
over there I think, but if I did, NOTHING would
happend,well maybe some kisses and stuff like that, but Im
not gonna put my self in more truble.

Its gonna be fun ,Ive planed it for weeks, Im not gonna
drink that much, that was only something I said to make me
sound intresting. Its cause Ive been working so hard at
school latley and deserve to relax and have some time off
from all the problems at home.

Afther doing the in packing at S* present (can I agen
remind you of that it was butiful) I sendt a message to
Chris asking him if he was all drunk and happy now. He
called me, I was about to go to bed, it was late and I had
to get up soon to deliver the birthday present.
He was a bit drunk, asking me if I was naked, from now on I
always have to be naked when I talk to him at the phone he
said, heh. I asked if he could come up and join me here
today, he said yes, but I have my doubts. So I dont think
he`ll come, I think he`s gonna sleep all day.


Enjoy life and make your dreams come true.....

Love from Angel