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2001-12-16 08:31:38 (UTC)

tattoo issue

I wanna get a tattoo on the small of my back to
symbolize a new beginning. Not only because I am furthering
my studies in Australia, but also because I wanna be a new
person and not think of Stanley anymore. I remembered that
there was this once when I told him that I wanna get a
tattoo and he refused to let me do so. Of course, being the
good girlfriend I was, I listened to him. So maybe getting
a tattoo is a sign that I am over him and that he can't
control me anymore...

Hmm....what kinda tattoo do I want? I was thinking of
some sort of a sun or a ball of fire.Maybe as big as my
palm. I wonder what will be mom's reaction like if she sees
it. I don't plan on telling her. What she doesn't know
won't hurt her right? about him? What will be his
reaction if he saw it?

This morning I was thinking about how I can get even
with him. I was thinking about going to his place and
taking off my pants and showing him my shaved pussy and
tattoo at the same time. I still remember how he used to
beg me to shave my pussy. Oh my God, am I thinking of
getting back with him? Throwing myself into his arms like
that. I know that I am going to regret if I ever make
myself do that but I really miss him so much! The way he
pretends that nothing had ever happened between us is
driving me nuts!

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