2001-12-16 08:25:07 (UTC)


Well, I'm sitting here being bored of course. Amanda is
supposed to be online, so I'm waiting for her. I hope she
didn't fall asleep or nothing.
Well, Justin is back at home. I didn't know that, and
neither did Amanda. I went over there, and I guess he left
with Jarod at like 6 or so. When I came home, I called over
at his house, and he was there. He said he went Christmas
shopping and that Jarod wanted to drink over there, and
that's why they went back. No big deal, that doesn't bother
me. I was hoping I'd see him, but I understand that he
doesn't get to spend much time with Jarod either. I told
him that I'd try to get ahold of him tomorrow.
Well, I'm gonna go play a game or something while I'm
waiting. C-Ya.