2001-12-16 07:08:32 (UTC)

Pretty retarded...

Well, I went to McDonald's today to talk to big Mark about
getting my job back. Little Mark had said Char would be
there, so I was hoping I could talk to her as well. When I
got there I ended up writing an apology letter to Lynn, and
giving it to Mark to give her, sense I probably won't be
seeing her. Well, after a while, Mark called me into his
office, and we talked about me coming back. He's gonna put
me back on the schedule, but he's gonna start it out slow.
When he feels I become comfortable working long shifts
again, he'll give me those. But until then, I'm still gonna
be sitting around on my ass doing probably absolutely
nothing. Well, maybe not. Hopefully Amanda and I will keep
going to the gym after school.
My mom kind of hinted at me about getting my permit. She
told me that if I was gonna get it, I would have to start
talking to my dad about him giving me my car. And she
mentioned drivers ed too, so that might mean something. I
told her I couldn't afford drivers ed, but she said she's
paying for it, because she can't afford to teach me or
Well, I'm gonna go get Justin, sense he's in Clifton, so
I'm gonna go, and update later. I'll probably update again
in about a half an hour when I get home.