Ordinary world?
2001-04-05 21:12:29 (UTC)

i guess i started this, because..

i guess i started this, because like most people who have
online diarys, i figured whats the use keeping your diary
to yourself. just see what happens!

i'm 23 years old, and i live on a caribbean island. its
very beautiful, but i want to leave, see the world. someday
i suppose.

so today i studied for my exam on monday, an mcse exam.
(i'm studying mcse and trying to finish my associate degree
in ISM). anyway i suppose my studying went well.

oh i also work. the building i work in is terrible plagued
with all kinds of bad air, but they won't release the test
to employees, fear we might strike or something. so
this 'sick building' thing allows me to leave work after
3hrs, its not that good, because byt he time i get home, i
have to recoperate, i have sinus and breadthing problems
because of this place. you'd say geta new job, ha ha wish
it was thta easy, wish my school loans were paind off for.
i realise though that although i hate where i work and what
i do, that i like the people in my department, a least a
few laughs gets us through our misery.

anyway i'm trying to be strong since g left. (the man i
love, but is from a different country). long distance does
not work anyway. we've known each other quite a while, been
through a lot i think. but we don't live in the same space,
so maybe that explains it. i miss him terrible though, 3
weeks since he went back. such is life. sometimes i think i
try so hard to forget him, and stay away from the situation
that i think i end up doing more damage to myself. wonder
if he's missing me! hmmm!

well i leave you with these last thoughts:

How you react to events, not the events themselves, is what
determines your attitude.
You cannot always control your circumstances. But you can
always control your own thoughts. You have very little
control over external forces like tornados, earthquakes,
floods, disasters, illness and pain.
What really matters is your internal force. How you respond
to these disasters is something you can control. Life at
any time can become difficult. Life at any time can become
easy. It all depends on how you adjust to life.
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. No
one on earth can hurt you, unless you accept the hurt in
your own mind. The problem is not other people: it is your
Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do
with what happens to you.

Author Unknown!