keeping my hands in the air
2001-12-16 05:52:11 (UTC)

the after party convo

corey: this is?
chick: cristina
corey: oh hey
chick: gosh...i can't believe u forgot
chick: thanks
corey: well i havent seen neones sn's in a month so yeah
i have forgot
chick: y a month?
corey: aol was down for us
chick: o ok
corey: trust me i know
chick: ok
corey: i had 110 peices of mail when i came back
chick: lol
corey: it was sad
chick: *yawn
chick: sorry, im tired
corey: u should be i wore u out
chick: i guess
corey: u guess?
chick: what do u want me to say??
chick: so tired because of u!
corey: yeah thats better
chick: :-D
corey: yeah yeah yeah
corey: soo.....
chick: yeah
chick: sorry, im not much of a talker right now
chick: yeah yeah, it's a first
corey: lol
chick: so how bout those mets?
corey: hells frozen over
chick: how nice
corey: yes sir
chick: :-
chick: isn't maddy adorable?
corey: maddy?
chick: my lil sister
chick: remember?
corey: oh yeah she was
chick: good...that's what u were s'posed to say
corey: exactly
chick: :-
corey: oh pucker up poor baby
chick: yeah
corey: well r u
chick: am i what?
corey: puckering up
chick: too down right now to pucher up
corey: pucker up as in with ur lips
chick: sorry
chick: i meant pucker
corey: yeah yeah sure
chick: i take back what i said bout the fact that boys
chick: im talkin to one of my really good friends and
he's the sweetest in the world
corey: not as sweet as me and these hot lips
chick: yeah, well somebody here's got a big ego
corey: not really j/k
chick: yeah
corey: seriously
chicki: ok
chick: but seriously...this guy is so sweet
corey: so r u ready to pucker up
chick: he's tellin me bout his gf and how lucky he is to
have her and that just makes me want to wait to have
someone who'll appreciate me
chick: and no
corey: oh u know u want to
chick: no
chick: i feel like a ho right now
corey: y
chick: cuz of all that dancin
chick: i dunno
corey: oh please u just danced no big deal
chick: well, there's some other stuff too, but grrr...i
just don't feel so perky right now
corey: well u seemed perky to me when we were dancing
chick: well, now im not
chick: i know that doesn't make sense tho
corey: oh yeah it does
chick: oh well
corey: so i guess u dont want to pucker up
chick: what do u not understand...the N or the O?
corey: dont understand either of them
chick: well, it's still no
corey: maybe i should have just moved my hand out of the
way when we faked it back at the party
chick: i don't make out in public
corey: i knew that
corey: but maybe just a little kiss
chick: well, u had ur chance again but u didn't take it
chick: maybe that's a sign
corey: yeah yeah yeah
chick: everyone keeps askin me if we made out in the
corey: oh course we did
chick: i don't remember that
corey: oh yeah we were all over the floor
chick: u wish
corey: i mean as soon as the doors closed and u started
to kiss my neck we were all over each other
chick: oh so I started it?
chick: don't put words in my mouth corey
corey: well it was a mutual thing
chick: yeah yeah
chick: well, still nothing happened
corey: well maybe i started it when i pinched ur butt
chick: oh well
corey: and then u slid ur hand up my shirt and got me
chick: u know what would be a good song for u?
chick: or it should be one that u should listen to
corey: ok what
chick: a woman's worth by alecia keys
chick: she's a very talented artist
corey: i was just joking wit u
chick: yeah i know
corey: but way to be blunt
chick: sorry
corey: yeah well i gtg
chick: aight
chick: g'nite
chick: sweet dreams
corey: no they wont be
chick: y not?
corey: b/c i have no heart and i break others hearts and
fool wit there heads
chick: im sorry
corey: no its ok its good to b blunt
corey: dont b
chick: im sorry...i just had to say something
corey: yeah yeah
chick: well...i guess ill c ya tom nite
chick: buhbye
corey: yeah cya

*screen names changed to protect the innocent!
i went to a party and danced w/ corey. there was no kissing
involved. that's all i wanna say.