Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-12-16 05:48:18 (UTC)

Touching Base

Anyways, the battle of the bands at water street was
AWSOME, to say the least.

Well, to start it off, yes i went to the doctors thurs,
and got x-rayed, they said that there was nothing wrong
with my bones or ligaments, but it may be tissue, and we
are hoping that it works itself out, cause if not, they are
going to go in and start poking and proding in my knee to
see what the prob is. And open mic was kinda fun, i was
bummed, not about my knee, so it dragged me down ALOT, but
i sucked it up and went over to the art side, and it was so
pretty, i saw this watch that i wanted but it was 50$,
yeah, thats funny huh? But I saw Chad, and his new
girlfrind, i think. They seemed happy.

Friday, I got a ride from the Marc kid, so right after
school, I got us a ride to Dennys from Abby, in turn we
bought her fries for it, and we all hung out there till 5
when his mom picked us up to go to the music hall, and so
we left, emmy, adam, marc kid, kevin kid, some carly girl,
his little brother, and this girl that i know just the name
is slipping my mind, his mom, and i. And we were late,
cause we got lost, and adam and emmy werent having a great
time for a while. The concert lasted till 1 or 2 in the
morining and it was snowing when we left. 36 ATP was great,
best concert yet, congrats to them, and when nem was doing
shout out darren told everyone in ear shot of the speakers
that he loved me! And then a mosh pit formed around me and
stomped on my feet and hit my knees, but emmy acted as my
body gaurd, and it was fun. Also Over The Line rocked the
house! The goonies won, i dont believe they were the best,
i didnt hear all the bands so i cant acctually say who was
the best, but i dont know.... Sloppy Meat Eaters were
really good! So props to 36 ATP, and Over The Line. When
OTL was playing, me and Em went to the other stage for a
moment and this guy went over to me and touched me and was
telling me how I look like Janeane Garofalo, and it didnt
come to any shock to me, alot of people have told me that ,
i just havent taken it to heart, and i eventually got him
away, but he was really creepy, and he look alot like
psycho Tom, which practically no one knows. On the ride
home i just sleep, but i am happy, really happy, and what
Darren did made emmy jeleous, and me really happy.

Today, i slept alot, well maybe not all sleeping, i
layed on the floor most of the day cause i didnt want to
move, then i went to the Kuz's birthday party, that was
fun, we layed around and watched movies, so it wasnt any
different then the rest of my day, but just at a different
house with people there... hope to write more later! ta all!