Dear Twiggy...
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2001-12-16 05:38:14 (UTC)

Premere Entry - My Boyfriend

This is the first time I have ever written something like this. I
need feedback from readers! This is why i am starting this diary. I
am fourteen years old and more confused then I have ever been, I
think collectively I am going to call all of the readers of my diary
(if I am lucky enough to have them) Twiggy-after Twiggy Ramirez in
Marilyn Manson's band... I have so many problems I just need advise!
Please if you read this (and it will NOT disappointed you, I
promise , there is lots of drama in my life) email me with your
thoughts cause I want advise from you! So here I go...

Dear Twiggy:
My life is so confusing! I never know what to do! Lets start with
the worst department: boys. I have been going out with

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