"My Wonderful Life"
2001-12-16 05:17:49 (UTC)

Diary of the day

Hey Tiffani here is my diary entry once in a while
entry I guess i should say. I have had a pretty good
weekend so far i guess I went to Garrsion house he is one
of my friends adn we had fun played video games I am to old
for video games but i played anyways. We watch that movie
the Anmial it was a funny movie cracked us up. Then played
basketball and all that and today for lunch his aunt came
in from South Carolina. All they did was eat then talk a
little and then they left. If i came form SC i would stay
like a week before I left. Then we played more games then
went outside and played laser tag. that was pretty fun.
We rode his skatebroad down his road and that was fun it is
a little hill and i went all the way down it without
falling and thats pretty good. I was wiggling a lot but i
didnt fall. Then when we left i was suppose to go to the
winston salam Sympothy with my mom and Grandma But mom left
without me. I was going to go to the mall tomorrow but now
I dont know Tiffani doesnt have to work. Who would I go
see i would be up there all lonely. I have GOT TO FIND A
JOB. Nobody likes me and wants to hire me. If i can i am
Going to try for Action video but i think you have to be 18
to work there. I have no idea. maybe shoe show. who
knows. Well i finally updated my diary arent you proud of
me. well i am going to go.#3