Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-16 04:58:24 (UTC)


Well, tonight took a sudden change of direction. I was
talking to zack on the phone like usual, then I had to get
off in case liz waas trying to call, so I just got online
and started talking to him there. Then he was like can I as
u a question, and of course, I said ya, and then he was
just like I like you too much to wait until february and I
love you and I want to go back out. And obviously, I said
yes so we are a couple again! yay! but ima make sure this
time that I don't lose track of what's more important, my
friends. I love them and they mean the world to me. I felt
really bad tonight, Julianne was really upset because Ricky
likes this other girl. i don't know, but I think that
things will work out with the two of them. She is feelin
really sick now, and I'm worried about her, because I think
she is getting really stressed out about ricky, I hope that
she is okay cuz I would die if anything happened to her.
And to anyone else who may be reading this~ Don't ever hold
back if you have feelings for someone, because you never
know when something could just suddenly happen to that
person, and then they would never know how you felt. I hope
that everyone gets the guts to tell that special someone,
and especially their friends and family how they feel about
them, because good or bad, you will feel so much better
that they know, and they will feel better knowing how you

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