My Diary
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2001-12-16 04:51:31 (UTC)


Yay, I gots frist place in a tournament today! I BEAT MARK!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I am now the Adult male National
Champion for Taekwondo Forms! Hell, I beat out a 3rd degree
black belt.
K, after the tournament, we went out to dinner, then we
went shopping. I ended up shopping alone, kinda. I called
ashley and we talked the whole time. I bought her gift as I
was talking to her. Right... and I got vickis gift, I
allready had ems, now I need Libsters, Cassies, tammys,
Kierna, Adam, kati, and I think that may be it... I hope.
Oh, and mrs. Blazey and Mrs. Converse. yeah... Mrs.
Converse rules.
Okay, Now what? Ummm... I miss ethan... although were
hardly friends, I still do. I dont know why, but ohh well.
I gots to move on, theres no chance. Looks like Ill have no
one to kiss at midnight new years... that really freking
blows... Maybe if ryan would admit, but nooooo...
Damn "Heterosexual" guys.
"Madness takes its toll... Please have exact change..."

Synopsis of my week:
Monday: Get up for school, take a shower, blah blah blah!
Get to school late... wait, thats included in the blah blah
Tues: Blah Blah Blah!
Wed. Blah Blah Blah!
Thrus: Blah blah BLAH!
Friday!: Ashley drove to school, i was so proud. Yeah, and
will needs the shut the hell up about me, ash and christina
driving. He failed twice because NYS wont trust him on the
road, so he really needs to stop saying shit, or he will
have ALOT of pissed of people. His GF, and MY BEST FRIEND,
is really upset about him complaining that she cant park,
when he failed twice, and she passed the first time! HELL!
IT A GOD DAMN CROWN VIC! how can you expect a 16y/o to park
one of those things.I prolly couldnt even do that, and I am
a really good driver. Its in the blood. My rents bitch cuz
when i had the probe, I street raced. THEY DID THE SAME
THING AT MY AGE! God. Ive done nothing this week, and I
prolly wont do anything this weekend. I dunno. Only 10days
till break, so im happy about that.

Im taking a full year of college my senior year! FUN! Its
really cheap too, seeing as they are actual college
courses. I can get my assc. degree in 1 yr at FLCC!
Graduate from college at 19, go on to hilbert, take
Economic crime investigation and become a US Marshal, and
be set for life! WOO HOO!
K, till next time

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