Joshin Jane

2001-12-16 04:44:33 (UTC)


my day at GCHS was AMAZING!
becky's friends were even more fun than imagined, and i had
a great time at all of her classes.
the dread of the end of the weekend approaching loomed over
me all day even though the weekend had not even started.
i felt so comfortable with everyone i met and everything i
did, and it's such a shame that i didn't meet them earlier
and that i can't spend more time with them now.
i briefly considered hiding out under becky's bed on sunday
so i couldn't be shipped home (calling becky "becky" has
been a trial in this entry - i've been calling her sara all
weekend) but then i remembered this meeting i have with
dr.shaps on monday ::tremble::
so far, i've spent every minute with my favorite people but
i feel like i haven't really been with them.
becky and i haven't really kicked back and had any girl
the two times i saw casey so far haven't really been cute
and talkative the way all our conversations are when i'm at
could be that whole clash of emotional interests thing.
don't ask, casey, i'll try to explain it when i understand
i have learned that casey is an excellent one-handed
driver, however, and that his feet require the largest
animal-print slippers in the store.

i wanted to complete my though but the whole needing sleep
is *somehow* getting to me so i guess i'll pull a bedtime