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The thoughts of....Me.
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2001-12-16 04:42:14 (UTC)


'Cause every time I look
You're never there
And every time I sleep
You're always there

Oh, you're in
Everyone I see
So tell me
Do you see me?

Okay... thas by Michelle Branch. Its been out for some
time now but i still like it.. and thats just some of

By Eryk's request im here...*yippeeeee*

These past few days helped me realize not to take life for
granted but in the worst way. Sometimes it takes someone
who you really don't even know to make a difference for
yourself. Days can go by when i dont even think about
everything i have and everyone i have in my life, then one
day it could all just take some time out and
think, thank, all that good stuff.

Today i didnt do much but it wasnt too bad. X-mas is
almost here and of course the last minute type of person i
am...has NOTHING done... so whoever is expecting something
from me... it may be a lil late *sorrrrrry* Right about
now..i am gonna go. I'll be back here sometime soon..i
guess. ((((((((((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))))))))))))
Just know i love yall..


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