Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-16 03:46:19 (UTC)


I only have one wish~

That one day you guys will accept me
And let me in on the plans and secrets
Cuz right now it seems to me
That I am juts a tag-along
Not really wanted and not really cared for
I invite you to everything
You invite me to some
I hope that one day
We will be as one

That is what I wish for~ That sometime in the near future
Mandy and Sam and Julianne will let me in on everything
that they do, because I dont think that right now they
realize, that they are basically the only friends that I
have that I actually do stuff with out of school. And I
realize that they will always want to just hang out every
once and while with just each other, because they have been
friends for so long just them, but I just wish that I could
be in with them, because I really do like them a lot...

We went to the movies tonight. Ocean's 11, pretty good. It
was quite fun actually, but I really did feel like an
outsider. I dunno, I guess today everyone that was there
with us but me had gone to the mall, and I don't really
care that much( well ya I do!) that they didn't invite me,
I just wish that they would at least not talk about it in
front of me cuz it made me feel really left out, like why
did they just invite me to the movies? Oh well, I will get
over it, I hope none of them are mad at me or anything,
because besides Heath(who's busy with wrestling), they are
all that I have, and I really don't want to have no one,
because I have been there, and it's not fun. Julianne, I
hope that you are reading this so that you can fill me in
on kinda what's going on because I am really confused. I'm
not mad or even upset, just confused.

Luv ya!