B's Thoughts
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2001-12-16 02:49:04 (UTC)

Being a bum!

Ah yes, i'm being such a bum right now. i'm trying to get
into the christmas season, but it's not working out, i mean
i got my first early x-mas gift yesterday from one of my
best buds, might i add i adored it greatly! and now i'm
just sitting on my butt watching tv, with nothing to do and
planning my trip to georgia right now. what to bring what
to bring, so far i have on my list AA batteries and my
portable cd player, and mom always says some clean undies
(haha) my parents are downstairs with the rest of the fam.
and they are having a blast with their kaoroke(yeah yeah so
i can't spell) Whats your point! my email is being a butt
hole b/c i can't for the life of me get into my account.
it's like blah blah blah sorry, refresh the page yeah did
that bout 30 times NOTHIN happened! so what to do what to
do? i notice a lot ppl are all gloomy and bitchy when they
write an entry,like my life sucks and so on , yeah i'm
working on that, but hey it will soon come, before you know
it the rest of my future entries will be my life sucks,
school is a pain, ppl suck, you suck, everyone is butthole!
but ok enough for tonight i'm outta here

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