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2001-12-16 02:46:22 (UTC)

shit man

i smoke too mcuh pot im going to smoke myself retarded!
jesus christ!!! anyways we just watched hanable...since i
was really high i dont really know waht happen...and it
was funny because i dont like gory lookin shit so i had my
hand over my eyes nad closed them and then got so
comfortable i forgot about reopening them until josh told
me it was ok, lol im a stoner!! i saw tommy up at taco
bell the other day he just looked at me and gave me a
goffy lookin smile...i told himi never wanted to talk to
him again bu tthat was all in ambers sake i still love
tommy but theres nothing i can do hes never going to
change so hes not the good b/f type and he cant be jsut
friends so in all intrests we dont talk anymore. but im
very intrested in this guy named dave he works at
hottopic!! hes really hot i want him soo bad!!!!but im shy
so he doesnt like me he prolly also doesnt like me bcz im
only 17 and hes 22 but that dont matter to me....wahtever
maybe things will happen so i get something good
sometime!! im sooo hungry right now damn munchies,....but
theres a munchie mart up here, and a sprinkle street....i
dunno how i feel about that.

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