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2001-12-16 02:36:53 (UTC)

same old

so today i had a show choir concert. i had to wear a hot
pink poodle skirt in front of thousandx of people at the
mall. it wasn't a pretty sight. and i'm even crazier
because i called jason and tried to invite him to see me
make a fool of myself. i blame that action on a momentary
lapse of sanity. well he couldn't go because he had a swim
meet. at first i was bummed out but then i realized that
he would see me in this rediculous outfit that made me look
more of dork than i already am. anyways, i was proud of
myself because i dialed the number all by myself and din't
hang up after the first ring like i usually do. my friends
are still fighting. i can't take it any longer. i think
i'm going to tell them just that on monday. the only one i
can stand is kat, but even she annoys me talking constantly
about my cousin who happens to be her boyfriend. zach (my
cousin) still is calling me jelous of what the two of them
have. that's such bullshit! i'm just annoyed that they
keep rubbing in my face how horrible my last relationship
was. i already know that jeff was a jerk. and i already
know that nobody liked him and he was an asshole and that i
should have known from the beginning like everobody else
that he was going to hurt me. i only wish that i could
tell him that on the once a month call that i always
recieve from him. ok. i'm going to simmer down now. it's
just htat jeff knew that i had been hurt relly bad before
by someone cheating on me and he did the same thing and
every time he calls me he rubs it in my face like zach and
kat do. but enough of that depressing topic. i get to see
jason on monday! i see him every monday, and wednesday,
and sometimes fridays. i like him too much. well i'm
going to let you go with this. thanx for reading about my