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2001-12-16 02:24:41 (UTC)

shelbys party!!!!!

i got to go to shelbys party last night. it was great fun!
devin was there...i got to meet a whole bunch of people: big
mike, liz, another mike, and a whole bunch of other people.
they are fun. i never did go in the hot tub. there was a lot
of people in there when i was gonna. oh well, i will some
other time. i got to play in our game last night. it was
fun. i got a few rebounds. i was really proud of myself. we
won: 41-22. it was only our 2nd win of the season. oh well,
we're gettin better. i went shoppin today. it
was...interesting, but it always is with my family. i traded
sunglasses with my mom. she has the blue ones like mine with
the flames on the sides. i like both pairs. oakleys are the
best. i found a new favorite drink...AMP is the best! it's
made by mtn. dew only a LOT more sugar and caffine in it.
i'm not gonna drink it much tho cuz it makes me really
crazy. good fun! well, i'm gonna go through my bro's paper
now. g'night all!