So this is Life?
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2001-12-16 02:21:54 (UTC)


Well, I am writing in this little deal for the first
time. What can I say that will intrigue you to read this? I
don't know... How about that today is a really sleepy type
of day. Not necessarily intriguing, but true. It is a sleepy
Saturday and we just got our Christmas tree. I am pretty
excited about Christmas this year. I'm trying really hard to
make all gifts, but I'm not sure if it will work out that
way. But homemade gifts rock, so I'll try.
I miss Kreg. He's the current crush. I'm pretty sure he
knows it, but he doesn't seem to care. I have no clue
whether or not he likes me back, and I am way to scared to
ask. Usually I'm pretty outgoing, but what can you do? We
agree that highschool relationships are kind of...well,
dumb, but we disagreed on dating. I think dating is fine,
and well, he doesn't. I'll explain this another time. I've
liked him for awhile and it's starting to suck. You know
what really sucks? I got in major trouble for saying that
something 'sucked' in a seminar at school one time! And
since when is that a bad word??? Apparently now! Whatever. I
like school but I hate it. And what can you do?

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