My Life to Live
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2001-12-16 02:10:01 (UTC)


Well so far this weekend has sucked. I've been so bored, I
thought weekends are suposed to be fun. My weekends have
been pretty normally borring. Since basketball started I
haven't been able to go anywhere on the weekends cause i've
had games and I didnt want to miss the games or practices
so I would actually get to play in the games! Well I've
been gettin to play, but latly they moved up 3 freshmen and
2 of the three are posts, which is my position. The last
game we had I played 30seconds and I have been workin
harder than the stupid freshmen have. Besides the fact that
now basketball is gettin on my nerves my ex-boyfriend keeps
buggin me about gettin back with me!!! I want to be
friends with him but he still acts like we are going out
and its gettin on my nerves!! Expecially since I like
another guy that doesn't go to my school. There aren't many
of my friends that are home on the weekends so ive been
gettin online and chattin so my ex cant call. that sounds
kinda mean but you dont know him!! hes like a dog that
wont leave or a bad hair day you cant get rid of!! LOL I
have2 really good friends that can back me up on that
one!! Ive been home all day and I think that whoever runs
the television stations need to get over the stupid
Christmas Carol its gettin too old too fast!! I wish I had
a car so I could go shoping or somthing, anyting to get out
of this house!!

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