2001-12-16 01:44:49 (UTC)

i'm sick of my friends...

yea... i'm sitting here home alone on a saturday night...
my rents are out for the night at our old neighbors house
for dinner... i just watched SLC punk, good movie i shuld
say, and for some fucked up reason, its gotten me to
thinking... my life is boring, i'm sick of my friends. Most
of them are annoying lil fucked up posers. they are always
so fuckin annoyin. jen and megan... they are always worried
about their weight. if they're that fuckin' worried about
it, why don't they start exercising... maybe they shld stop
wearing clothes that show their stomachs and tight shirts
that point out that they are a lil chubby, not fat, chubby.
i hate how they go on and on about how they're so fat. i
saw one lil word and they freak out at me "shut up! ur soo
skinny... u shuldn't be talkin!" i wish they'd just stop
freakin out about it and just have fun. they're really full
of themselves too. they're too sure of themselves and that
makes them annoying. they become loud and they're positive
that they'll be homecoming court b4 we graduate. i dunt get
it... kelly... she is too critical. she thinks shes above
everyone sometimes. her music knowledge and tastes are
superior and better, or so she thinks. ok, so she doens't
like the bands i like. BIG FUCKIN DEAL! wow! who knew that
people would have different opinions about music! wow! she
is too critical. i suppose her mother's to blame partly for
that. the whole stefanie deal is gettin old. i wish that
she had never freaked out cos i got a date to hc... arg!
jesus... thats it for my friends for now....