Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-16 00:40:37 (UTC)

Where do I go from here?

hey everyone
How are you guys doing ? Well lets see I am ok ! I just got
off the phone with Adam! The only reason I called him was
cause I spent an hour or so on the phone with Red and he
conviced me to call adam because I am not the type of
person who doesn't hear someone out ! Well when I called
his brother answerd gave him the phone and then he like
just didn't seem to care that much that I called him! and I
was like 'um..... ok ' but now that I am off the phone with
him I have to go call Red back! damn I really wish Red
could just fly up here so I could just put my head on his
chest and cry my eyes out!!! I am so dead serious ! I wish
he could get up here to comfort me but he has state finals
in season 1 of indoor soccer and I couldn't let him miss
it ! even though I know he would if I asked him to ! I have
the hardest time trusting guys ever since .......... yea
and now on top of everything going on in my life this shit
with Adam happens! and you are all probably wondering why
this Red guy is so close to me ,cause he is a guy well its
a long story and you can hit me back if you really wanna
know ! Well I could use some input from all of you out
there .... where do I go from here ? where the hell do I go
from here ?!
well I gotta blaze! I am going to go box and let out some
pinned up rage!!