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2001-12-16 00:30:48 (UTC)

You Are My Best Friend

By Blue Mountain Arts...
*Pamela Malone-Melton*

This Is Brandons Card that I got Him)

You are the person who shares my deepest thoughts
And Loves me in spite of them...
As my friend, you counsel me when my heart is broken,
And you stand by me when I'm mistreated.
You rally behind me in my good decisions and
There to help me through
The counsiquences of the badd ones.
Whome else can I call at any hour
of the day or night?
Whome else accepts and understands all of me?
Not many people are as blessed as I am
With someone like you in their life.
I don't know why the Heavens decided to give me
The wonderful gift of you as my friend,
But I'm grateful.
No matter what comes along, good or bad,
It brings me great confort and security
To know that I can always count on you.
I hope you know in your heart that
I am the same sort of friend to you.
Our secretes are safe
and our hearts are protected
Because of the love between us...
Two special friends.