listen to my silences
2001-12-16 00:10:39 (UTC)

this past week

it's been a little while since i wrote in here cause i've
had work and guard every day just about. let's see, what's
been going guard work guard work guard and so on
and so forth. brian and brodie and i hung out the other
day. finally. we went to the mall. i got a whole bunch
of clothes from stockroom really cheap cause they're going
out of business. amy and brian were having problems, but
hopefully they're ok now. i dunno. i guess i'll talk to
him tomorrow at work. i'm not sure how g is doing. i
didn't see him yesterday at school cause i got to my car
later than usual. so i'll find that out on monday. i
didn't go to school for part of the day on tuesday cause i
was too dizzy. my dizzy spells have gotten worse, i
fainted twice that morning. but i have a doctor's appt. on
thursday so hopefully it'll get better. brodie's real
stressed out right now. i'm extremely worried about him.
and i think i'm frustrating him cause i'm so worried. k,
well that's about it, so i'm out.

final thought: something isn't right here, you've gone and
left me all alone, something isn't right in this world
called confusion, you gave it all away before i could use
it, and something isn't right here on the ground