You think you know, but you have no idea
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2001-12-16 00:09:23 (UTC)

This Is Me

Well I am 15 years old, and I live in New Hampshire. I am
hoping that the year of 2002 will bring me much excitement.
I better catch you up on what has happened during my
sophomore year, so, here goes...
I am a sophomore at Pinkerton Academy, it sounds like a
snot nosed private school, but it's not, it's the towns
public school. Every sophomore class has a semi formal @
PA. I was so excited to finally have mine. I had a gorgeous
dress but I didn't have a date. I wanted to go with my good
friend Dave, but he ended up asking another girl. So times
got desperate, and this kid I didn't like, Matt, asked me.
I said yes and it was the worst mistake of my life. I hated
the kid, he was a major asshole, I never should have said
yes to him, but I was too afraid to dump him before the
semi. So I decided to suffer through it. Two weeks before
the semi there was a halloween dance. Andrew, an absolutely
gorgeous senior was there. He had been my math tutor
freshman year. I was getting my groove on and he came up to
me and started grinding with me and dirty dancing. He was
so smashed though, you could smell the alcohol on him. So i
didn't take it seriously, I just danced with him and
flirted. When a slow song came on he grabbed me and held me
tightly and started gently kissing my neck. This totally
shocked me and he looked at me and invited me to hang out
after the dance. But I couldn't. At the end of the dance I
was happy, but I wasn't too excited about it. Andrew was a
sex god, he was sexy, and he knew how to work women. The
next day at school he came up to me and high fived me and
talked to me, and we started walking together and talking
in between classes. He asked for my sn and I gave it to
him. He IMed me and our casual talk slowly turned into
dirty talking. We made plans for november 30 for him to
come over my house whilke my parents were gone, and
we'd "hang out"
When the semi rolled around, it sucked, my date was a
fucker and an asshole to me and it was terrible. I just
stuck it out and waited til the 30th. When it came, I was
terrified. We went upstairs into my room and I turned on
there's something about mary. We layed down on my bed, and
before the movie started Andrew was on top of me and
kissing me. I couldn't believe it, I was making out with a
sex god. Things when from there, he kissed my chest, and
felt me up, and went down there. Then he whipped out his
package. It was way bigger than I thought it would be and I
had never done anything like that before, so i nervously
gave him a handjob. Then he asked me to give it a little
kiss. I was like "excuse me?" and he kept asking me and
begging me, and I finally gave in and did it. Now, he's not
talking to me, and I'm alone, again. We weren't even going
out, I'm so ashamed. So many people told me to stay away
from him and i didn't listen. That's basically the major
thigns that have happened. Christmas is coming up and so is
the new year, i hope i get invited to a party