im dead 2 this world

leave me the fuk alone
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2001-12-15 23:59:02 (UTC)

. . .

my emotions scare me alot i think and feel way 2 profoundly
im getting ahead of myself i had a really serious convo wit
peter and well it just confused me the more and more i talk
2 him teh more and more i fal in love with him like but i
got upset cuz he said promise me u wont say that im the 1
cuz we r 2 young and not to think that u wont find ne1 else
like i shuldnt be thining hes teh 1 i juss dony get how i
go from 1 thing 2 the complete opposite god i used 2 be fuk
love u mother fukers and now im o hes the 1 fro me liek god
i reallly do wondre wta is wrong with me and y i set myself
up for the hurt and it does scare me alot taht he can find
sum1 so much better than me and that i juss spaz out on him
for no reason i dont even know y he loves me im not worth
it like im juss so stupid and urg i need to stop fukn
feelin srry for myself