Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-12-15 23:23:50 (UTC)

Hmmm....all I can say is that..

Hmmm....all I can say is that last night was very
interesting! I drove Stephanie and I over to Danny's dad's
house which Stephanie used to go to all the time when she
went out with Danny.....but now he and she kinda hate
eachother. Anyway the whole thing between Danny and I is
that as of now we are really good friend...kinda flirty but
that is as far as it goes. I really value our
realationship and so therefor I don't want to do anyhting
to screw things up. I guess a couple of entries ago I said
what I did because I was lonely or sonething.....I don't
know but I want to always keep Danny as a friend and to me
that would mean much more that an eventually failing
relationship. Back to what I was saying we
got over there after Clark had called and invited us
over....he said something about David wanting to see me but
hell I'm not dumb I knew he was joking and I gave David his
dinner....he had asked me to go to Zaxby' I
did....then after a while we all went out on his pontoon
boat. It was really cold out there but it was awsome to be
able to go out on a boat in the middle of December. Well
anyway we were riding around when suddenly Stephanie, Mary
(Danny's younger sister whom all guys adore), and I
absolutly had to pee! Well Mary and I squated over the
side of the boat and after we were finished David handed us
a napkin.....later we found out that there was hot sause
all over it! I was in pain cause I was really buring. So,
Mary and I desided to jump in the lake....we took off our
clothes and got in. It was so so so cold!!! I felt like I
was going to drown...anyway I finally got back in the boat
and Stephanie handed me a really thick blanked. I was so then after a while I desided to put my clothes
back on. Well I took off my bra under the blanket so that
my shirt would not be completely soaked and as it slpiied
down my armed David came over and ripped off the
blanket....I was about to jump back in the lake cause I
didn't want anyone to see me! I mean really! IF they did
I think I would have cried!!!!!! I look so discusting
right now that I really don't think I could have bared for
anyone else to see me. Anyway there was another blanket
sitting next to me so I got that one. In a way I was kinda
happy about the whole experience cause I guess it showed
that I am still atractive a little.... So we got back to
Danny's house and I was feeling like crap becasue I muxt
have smoke ;like a half of a pack of Newports!!!! I WON'T
BE SMOKING NEWPORTS FOR A WHILE!!! I was buzzing to badly
it was crazy and I mean all I had had were ciggeretts. So
I slept over at Danny's with Stephanie and Clark that
night. It was weird cause Danny tucked me in......why
can't we just be friends???
Oh, William knows about that kiss between Stephanie and
I which means that soon everyone will know about it! Shit.
Well today Clark and David came over to say hay. It was
weird kinda. Clark told me that out of nowhere David told
him that I was a really good kisser.....weird! Oh, and he
told Clark that me would fuck me....I know that is kinda
crude but still So hey I guess he is thinking about me
right???? Who knows...cause he also still has his head
stuck up Molly's ass. I don't blame him either because she
is like perfent but it still; kinda pisses me off!
God...why do guys always have to piss me off...I think
I am just attracted to the wrong ones or something I don't
know. I mean shit!!! I am getting pissed off again...I
hate it when I don't get attention from guys! And, if I
don't start getting wasted and getting some action soon
then I think I am giong to go insane!!! God damnit now I
got myself all mad.....I need a ciggerett!!