Procrastination is Key
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2001-12-15 23:23:34 (UTC)

ahhhhhh CRAP

What i really am saying is AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH SHIT! I am so
mad about my calculus final! There was some crap on there I
have NEVER seen, and now, alas, my high hopes of a non-C
have been dashed- I just hope I didn't fail that bad boy:-/
Ok- i am NOT gonna think about the problems anymore though-
no discussion- I have sold the books back and I will NEVER
be taking a math again- except for the fact that almost
every science I am taking from now on is gonna have bunches.
but whatever- no more of that
next topic- sold some books back- got about $70 they
wouldn't buy 3 of them though- that sucks- one of them was
really expensive too! my stupid comp programming book- like
i ever want to use that again.
So now I have a very little money at least to buy some
christmas presents- i was worried about that- but now I can
actually buy some stuff w/o depleting my checking acct when
I go shopping with Kat on tue;-) YAY!!! Home- I am ready for
ya. I just wanna do absolutely nothing for 3 weeks- except
that I want to check some books out and actually do some fun
reading for a change- won't that be nice:-) well ok- that is
all i have the energy for- I also had a phil final today but
that only took me an hour of frenzied writing so I'm good
with that.
I miss you Kat- I will hopefully talk to you today- hope you
are having fun with your campbell visitors. See everyone
soon I hope!