2001-12-15 23:19:25 (UTC)


i havent typed in this in a few days.. ok. well i have been
in depression.. but i don't care.. my daddy thinks im in a
cult because my aol name has 666 on it.. i haven't gotten
drunkl in a few days.. my friend dan won't talk to me cuz i
made fun of thim cuz he talks to a trampy girl..joey got
high again.. grrrrrrrrrr
my friend allison wants joey and is spreading shit that
is "happening" between them.. and i am hopeing these
rummers are not true... hahah
i was at joeys band concert and i was sitting between his
mom and sister and at the last song.. (i was half sleeping)
his sister leand over and say" mommy says i can't shave my
legs till i get my period.. " ahahahhahahaha