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2001-12-15 23:07:38 (UTC)


Well, I was meaning to hit this thing up yesterday, but I
was under the weather and had to work....so ya know! I hate
being sick. It sucks. Anyway, nothing too major has been
going on with me. Yeah, Leroy came home for a few days, but
had to go back to Clemson because of practice. He will be
back the 21st through the 25th, then he has to leave to go
to Idaho for his bowl game. I got a chance to see him two
nites in a row. That was pretty cool with me. I love that
boy to death, but as in friend type of way. I just want to
put him in a bottle and just watch him for as long as I
can. LOL....that sounded so gay! But for real, I love being
around him. My feelings aren't there anymore for him. I
like him holding me more than I do him trying to kiss me. I
mean, I will kiss him, but that's not there for me either.
I still want him to be my first, but it didn't happen this
time around. Maybe when he comes home the 21st!!!! But who
knows! Well, other than that.....Kellen is home now! I
haven't talked to him though. I might call him at home to
see when we can hook up and chill. Well, I need to go find
something to wear for tonite. Oh yeah, rumor is that Bubba
Sparx is suppose to be downtown tonite. I don't know how
true it is, but if I see him.....you'll read about it!!!!! *