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2001-12-15 22:13:45 (UTC)

Just a normal day...

Dear Diary,
well gee, its saturday....yea. i'm so excited. shh! i'm
about ready to spill a secret: last night, i told mumsee
that i was going over to laura's house for a "birthday
slumber thing for just us girls". when in reality, me and
my boyfriend, Clay, were going to stay the night with his
uncles in Galdes. (an hour drive away from home.) we had a
pretty good time, but when me, clay, his uncle donald and
his uncle george were watching a DVD.. his uncle donald put
his hand under my bottom and started moving his fingers.
this upset me very much, its also kinda hard to explain
with out grossing you out, so bear with me. i said
outloud, "clay, what are you doing to me? i'm trying to
watch the movie!" donald yanked his hand away quickly and
i vowed to myself to tell clay about it at once. well, me
and clay went outside for a walk and i was about ready to
talk to him except for the fact that his uncles (both of
them) came along. while i was turned toward clay and was
daydreaming while i was in his arms, his uncle donald
slapped my butt! what nerve! and whats even worse is that
clay didnt do anything about it. well, then me and clay
started back to the house with the idea that donald and
george were going to take a trip into town. when me and
clay got inside the house, i told him what happened. he
said that he was glad that i wold him and to be sure that i
would tell him if it happened again. then, out of nowhere,
DONALD walks in the house!! aagh! just when i thought that
me and clay were going to be able to spend some time alone.
oh well, i gave up. well, donald went to bed pretty soon
after we popped "the animal" in the DVD player, and i was
relieved to be able to spend some time with my lover
without worrying about donald and his perverted ways of
flirting. surprisingly, me and my boy didnt do anything
that night, except fall asleep on the couch in each other's
arms. thats one of the things that i love about clay; he
can tell when i'm not in the mood to do anythign and he
respects me and my ideas and beliefs. ok, now heres
ANOTHER secret: about a month ago when me and clay were on
the ferris wheel, he proposed to me! i told him that if we
were still together and we were of proper age then sure, i
would. but then of course i didnt know that we would be in
so many fights. i still want to marry him, but i'm not
sure if he wants to marry me. whatever shall i do?

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