Authority to Pass
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2001-12-15 22:09:38 (UTC)

A father to a Mother from a child

Its low and deranged when he tells a child of insecurity of
her own the hurt caused was in her eyes now she inspite can
relate in any way telling a child the sweet gift was al too
late wanting nothing more specifically nothing with to do:
life?- Relations?
thats my mom my friend my thought don't come back lest you
listen on the other hand in other words insecure never
known should have told a shy an adult friend -teacher jump to the
occasion to see on my own with punished eyes too see
he's not good enough anyway he says he works hard at what
he does I disagree he's doing nothing but hard work without
a song except for me too see more than ever hurt her pulse
when a shy child speaks of tacs shared she tells her he was
never then he was now he is forgiving telling her she
knows not except what she brings: for? proof never
processed in the childs eyes asking her for used ancient
serinity thats my dad a client a prolonged serinity
ancient from history in the meantime nothing less of
something more thats not a secret!

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