i guess this is what u want to read..
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2001-12-15 21:52:26 (UTC)

im so lost...

ok today i was thikning to myself..and most of the time
when i think its not good..but i was thinking about..well
that guy..and how i kinda lost intrest in him..dont get me
wrong i still like him..but not as much..bc last night i
was told stuff..and then it ended up in a big 'fight'..and
that kinda showed me that is he really worth having fights
about..im not saying that the other person involved in
the 'fight' likes him or whatever..its just it had to do
with him..i dunno it kinda makes me mad when i fight with a
friend..bc it always makes me look like the bad person..i
dunno..who cares ne more..but ne way about today..it was
soooooo boring..and the day isnt even over yet..there is a
stupid xmas dance tonight..but do you think im going..Um
NO..lol..id much rather be bored at home being on the
computer..lol!...yea well i have no life..dont tell me bc i
already know..my sister tells me everyday..lol...she tells
me a lot of things..they are funny too..some are like "you
know im smarter than you)..well no duh freak yor
older..and "you should get friends your own age"..well lets
see i do have friends in my grade and higher..and besides i
dont care...and she also says "your lucky you dont gain
weight"..well i cant help it im skinny and shes not..and
shes always says "dont make fun of me"..when she goes and
tell things about me to her friends..god shes about as
immature as me..and i am pretty immature..but ne way im
gonna go..bc my fingers hurt..lol..dont get bad

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