Jennifer's Words
2001-12-15 21:22:12 (UTC)

No Subject

Well, I've decided not to add my other journals to this
online version. They no longer seem relevant upon reading
them, so no need to waste my time.
I was up until 8AM studying last night, and woke up at
around 1:30.. so it's kind of like morning right now,
although the sun is beginning to set.
I'm mad stressed out..well kinda. Half of me is very
stressed knowing how much work is left before me and how
much time there is to do it in. But the other half is not
stressed at all- I'm not showing any outwardly *stressed
out* signs..
Who knows.. maybe that's just because my brain is numb.
I'm sitting here writing this entry from the library at
RPI.. there is this older Indian-appearing girl who keeps
staring at me. I don't know why.. I'm not doing anything
out of the ordinary.. I almost just want to ask her if I'm
bothering her in some way or something.
the woods have been calling me more and more lately.. I
can't wait to be out of this place. At times I love it,
but I know that there is so much more out there that I want
to see/do and although RPI has given me a firm foundation
for my future, I feel I have got all out of this place that
I really can use. I was talking to H-Bomb last night about
Organic Chemistry. We are expected to memorize hundreds of
different chemical reactions, and while there are patterns,
there are lots of inconsistencies as well. There will never
be a time in my life that I need to know Chemical Reactions
off the top of my head. There will always be references
for me to turn to if i get stuck. I realize that I do need
to grasp the basics of Organic Chemistry in order to
effectively use any such resource, but gosh darn!! why
can't we just have a crib sheet!! That was one good thing
about my life as an engineer..
that was a rant about ochem, i know, but this educational
system is so ridiculous. I'm excited for Environmental
Biology next semester- a class where there is no grades
just satisfactory and unsatisfactory.. how great is that??
4 credits!!
Well it's time for me to fill up some space in my brain
with useless reactions.. space that i would much rather be
filling with poetry, color, love, insight, spirituality..

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