2001-12-15 21:18:25 (UTC)

This is Bullshit

I fell in love, yeah i knew it was too good to be true, I
loved this girl more than i loved myself, my life, all i
wanted was this girl to be happy, and in one night, one
night of someones lies, she now hates me! She hates me
based on lies! I cant explain, but no one belives me,

All i want is this girls happiness, i love her still, but i
want her to be happy, whether its with me, with her ex, or
anyone else, i love this girl, i want her to be happy! So
if she doesnt ever want to talk to me ill understand,
because i'm just a guy that walked into her life 5 months
ago, we fell in love fast, a little too fast maybe, it was
really scary, for both of us, times are hard right now in
both our lives, and now i have no where to turn, because i
lost the only thing in my life that mattered...I'm done
with these painfull tears, I lost the love of my life,
because someone had to go lieing about shit....Its bull!!

Fuck man, i love her....I just dont know what im gonna do
now, i mean i gave her everything i had, now im soo tired
and torn, I cant believe that someone would do this, Lie
dead to her face, fucking lies.....

Fuck it im out