My Life
2001-12-15 21:16:17 (UTC)

he just asked

I called Terry back after i had some breakfast and felt
human again. The headache started going away. So he's on
his way up north and I didn't ask but I thought he wouldn't
be home tonight but then he asked if I wanted to go to
dinner tonight, and so I said yes. He'll be back in town
about 6 pm. I told him about the party Byron asked me to
but that I wanted to see if he'd be in town, he was happy
to hear that. So I'm not sure where we are going, he's
going to call and let me know what's happening.
So then he says, "So I called you last night, must have
been out?" but I could hear it in his voice, he wanted to
know what I was doing. I said, well, ya, I was out last
night. He didn't ask any further but I could tell he wanted
to know. I talked to Byron about it and said that if he
asked I was going to just be honest, not say I was out with
another man but that yes, i went out. If he asked me point
black i'd tell him. I told Byron that I hate it when guys
tell you what you want to hear, not the whole truth and
that's why I didn't want to do that. So I think he's still
curious but maybe he'll talk to me about it.
Got more house work and another batch of peanut brittle to

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