im dead 2 this world

leave me the fuk alone
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2001-12-15 21:07:15 (UTC)


ppl dont consider wta tehy have god my firend leanne says
that she had 2 break up wit her bf cuz he lived so far awa
he lived 30 MINUTES away god wat i wuld give to be 30
minutes away form peter ppl sya they r in love they r a
pitiful excuse they use the word love so loosely tehy dotn
even kno wat it is tehy think if u go out wit sum1 mroe
tahn month that ur in love they dont understand nething i
hate that ppl who use teh word love wen tehy dont mean it i
want 2 fukn strangle them urg! makes me so fukn mad tehn
tehy sit here and complain about "love" dude if ur in love
u shoudlbt be complainig about it cuz ppl have it worse
tahn u and fukn be thankful taht u can be with the person
u wnat if tehy were ever in my situation tehy ucldnt live 1
day in my head case mental being they culdnt cuz they r a
moronic excuse for a being,, stupid fuks!

... i had a dream about peter the othe rnigjht i duon wta it
consisted of but i remember it was really good also taht i was putitn
moves on him lol