2001-12-15 20:26:36 (UTC)

Woe is me?

Dec. 15, 2001

This is all new to me. I just recently decided to join
this "online diary" craze. Whereas I put my thoughts down
for the whole world to see. In a sense that is a little
exciting. I needed some excitment in my life...thus..."Lets
get an online diary Kara!"

The pain in my heart is beginning to subside. The pains of
school are just beginning.
High School is such a joke. I look at it as ONE BIG SOAP
OPERA!!! AHHHHHHH! Every one is sooo full of themselves and
so mentally challenged! It just makes me sick. But of
course, I am a 16 year old girl trapped in a 45 year old

Yesterday my cousin came into town. He is my god. We hung
out at one of those gross all nighter resturants, 2 pots of
coffee; and just caught up on everything. It was quite an
interesting night.
Last night also I experienced the powers of "weed". It was
great. I am just surprised that my mom didn't catch my
blood-shot eyes, and cheesy acts. I guess it is just a
matter of time.

Til then,