Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2001-12-15 19:03:20 (UTC)


Hey again, right now I am really confused about a lot of
things. Cuz I don't know I think I just need to lay low
with the whole Zack thing and just wait a little while and
think more about things, because he tells me and liz how
much he likes me, but then he seriuosly doesn't ever have
time for me. And I mean, I know that that is the reason why
we broke up, but it's still hard cuz I just wish that I
could see him even if it was just for like a few moments a
day, just to say hi and how are ya. Oh well, I guess the
weeks really are flying by, it will be February before I
know it, and I think that through all of this our
relationship will be so so so much stronger because we
will know how much we like each other because we had to
wait so long to be together.

I dont know though, sometimes I wonder about him still,
because I mean he is like a really good person, he is
extremely imvolved in things with his church, and he is a
definate family man. Just listening to him talk to his
little neices last night made me so happy. He was so good
with them, it was so cool. But then, I mean he kinda drinks
sometimes, but is that so bad? I just wonder about that,
because I know and I have told him that I don't do that
kind of stuff and he seems to be fine with it, so I still
think that things will be okay, but I don't know what to
do! I need some help, if someone could send me some
feedback with some advice on him, I would appreciate it A