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My Saga
2001-12-15 19:00:29 (UTC)

Winding Down

Yesterday was the last day of school before finals.
Thursday was my really stressful day... Acting monologue,
Physics test, Anatomy test, Lit test, so that night, I felt
like I had had a huge weight lifted off of me, even though
I still had to worry about Calc, I had been worrying about
it all along, plus all that other stuff. Dad and I took
Rosie for a walk, and I felt like I could finally breathe.
Friday was pretty relaxing... a few people finished up
their monologues, food day in Anatomy, people presented
projects in Physics, Directed study was, well, Directed
Study, in Lit we had our Jane Austen Memorial tea, which
was so fun! (that was why Laura and I made scones) We had
our food, learned a simplified version of the minuet, and I
won a prize for my really cool hat! Then it was time for
Calc test. Which I'm
really hoping I did well on. There were a couple of
questions I totally bombed on, but please, please have let
me done well!
Finals start Monday...